Remspec Corporation is the premier source for high-quality, high-performance fiber-optic spectroscopy systems that operate in the mid- infrared. Remspec was founded in 1993 and has pioneered the application of infrared fiberoptic technology to in-situ analysis of chemical reactions, human tissue and solid surfaces. Based on work in 1990 resulting in US patent 5,170,056 (1992), Remspec has developed and refined the technology. Starting with simple probes and accessory systems Remspec has developed fully integrated turnkey systems optimized specifically for the reaction monitoring customer that offer an unmatched range of temperature, pressure and wavelength performance.

Our innovation has always been led by our understanding of what our customers need. Where possible Remspec has adopted a modular approach to system design. We have avoided complicated single purpose designs. This improves reliability, reduces costs and maximizes the flexibility of our systems. In addition to its commitment to hardware development, Remspec appreciates the importance of ease of use, and data analysis, to our customers. To this end our software has been designed and specified by our applications scientists and customers not by our programmers.

Applications support is a big part of what we do. We often work to verify a customers application before purchase and we are always ready to help customers with advice on how to use the equipment and how to interpret their data.

Key Remspec developments include:
First commercially available fiber optic bundle probe operating in the mid infrared (1994).
Remspec's enhanced technology combining fibers of two optical materials in one bundle to eliminate regions of low transmission.
First IR fiber optic probe capable of operation at temperatures over 200 C and pressures over 200 bar.
Detection of ppm levels of hydrocarbons in aqueous systems. US Patent 8,735,822
R&D 100 award for Fiber optic coupled grazing angle technology for analysis of trace levels of contamination on surfaces.
Multiplexed Mid IR fiber optic system for reaction analysis.
Real time peak fitting deconvolution for trending.
PCA/ITTR analysis with visualization of the PCA factors, synthetic spectra & scores combined with 3D residual visualization.

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