On-call cleaning verification Remspec offers access to our powerful SpotView technology for short-term use on a contract basis. This can be a valuable part of a trouble-shooting exercise or root-cause investigation. A few days' work with a SpotView, and a Remspec expert on hand, can answer a lot of questions about the presence or absence, and the identity or source, of contamination on critical surfaces. Data Analysis and Method Development Reaction-monitoring data sets are often quite straightforward, and you can get the information you need from simple peak height:time graphs. Sometimes it is more complex. If substrates and products are spectroscopically similar, you may need to use peak models or even chemometric models to extract rate information. Remspec's VizIR software is set up to let you set up and automate some pretty sophisticated procedures, and our scientists can help you every step of the way.
Reference Standards for Surface Contamination Like any analytical tool, SpotView requires calibration. You can often detect and quantitate a specific compound, even in the presence of other materials. Or you can confirm the absence of all organics above a defined spectroscopic threshold. In either case, it is important to have good calibration standards available. Remspec can provide materials and training to do this yourself, or we can provide quantitatively printed standards to give you a calibration that does not require a secondary method (such as swabbling or washing and HPLC). Custom IR fiber Our unique mid-IR optical fiber transmits from 2 to 11 microns (≈860 to ≈6,000 cm-1). It is available in a range of diameters, either as a continuous spool or in measured lengths with or without connectors. Core only fiber for sensor applications can be drawn in a variety of diameters.

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